Let Him Watch! Why You Should Keep The Lights On During Sex


Next time things heat up, do not stop to turn the lights off – keep them on!

There are a few different reasons why couples are intimate in total darkness. One of the most common reasons women run to turn the lights off is because they are not comfortable with their bodies.

Do not let the pressure from the media control your sex life. Embrace your body. Let him watch. He would not want to be intimate with you if he wasn’t attracted to you.

When things are getting hot and heavy, seeing you naked in the light isn’t going to decrease his sexual desire for you.  Quite the opposite…

Reasons to let him watch:

  • He can see that you are enjoying yourself
  • He can get a visual of himself having sex with you
  • Giving him the opportunity to adore and please your body promotes healthy development of his ego
  • He gets the view in every position
  • He releases more feel good hormones when he sees you naked, which intensifies the pleasure he experiences

Confidence Is Sexy

It turns him on when you are confident. Some men claim that confidence is one of the sexiest things about a woman.

Being needy and requiring constant reassurance can be exhausting to a man. Most men are not as critical about a woman’s body as she would be about her own physique.  Few things kill the mood as fast as, “Hey hunny.  Can we stop for a second so I can turn out the lights?”

When a woman is confident, her man notices and the carefree energy draws him closer. Be confident that he is not even noticing your stretch marks; he’s too busy watching and getting pleasure from how much he’s pleasing you.

If you are too worried about covering yourself, there is no way you can relax and truly enjoy sex. You may be avoiding specific positions he likes because you are insecure. Confident women are more fun because they embrace their sexual needs and desires.

A man doesn’t just want to have sex with you; he wants you to have sex with him. Great sex is giving and receiving sexual pleasure. A confident woman is more likely to enjoy herself and touch more often – him and herself. He wants to see that you are having fun and are happy!

Don’t be afraid to express yourself during sex. Be open and try new things!

Accept his compliments. Believe him when he says you are beautiful. Let him know that you appreciate his comments.

You should never begin talking about what you dislike about your body after he compliments you. Instead, keep the list to yourself and use them as encouragement. Work on accepting things you cannot change and realize only you can change your attitude towards your body.

Satisfy Him And Stimulate His Five Senses

The number one thing that turns a man on is your enthusiasm about having sex with him.  Enthusiasm can be gauged by how much you are enjoying sex. He wants to know that you want it.  Your pleasure feeds his ego and makes him feel masculine.

Express yourself; smile, make eye contact, touch, moan, and signal to him that you want more. He can’t see you when the lights are out.  He can only feel, smell, taste, and maybe hear you. Give it all to him and let him see you.

Take Things To The Next Level Using The Language Of Desire

The Language of Desire by Felicity Keith helps you embrace your sexuality, feel sexier, and be more confident, knowing that what you are doing is what he desires. Blow his mind by talking dirty to him and use these secret sexy techniques that will satisfy his deepest desires.

How To Win Her Over On Your First Date


Winning the attention and praises of a woman doesn’t have to be difficult. In most cases, it only requires doing a few simple things that leave her impressed and eager for the next date.

Here are 8 to get you started:

Be A Gentleman

Women are impressed by men who pull chairs and open doors for them. They might seem like simple chivalries, but they provide women with crucial insight into what the future holds.

If a man fails to show a general respect for women or lacks certain gentleman-like qualities, the relationship will be doomed from the very start. In most cases, such qualities must be there from the beginning.

Show Interest

It’s very important for a man to listen as much as he talks. Don’t let the entire conversation be about you.  A woman should feel that you are truly interested in learning more about her.

Be Well Groomed

A man has to be well-groomed because most women have a keen eye for detail. Simple things like showering, ironing your clothes, shaving and making your hair are some of the aspects they look at when they first meet a man.

Some of the other minor areas that women usually focus on include polished shoes and groomed hands.

Maintain Interesting Conversation

Nobody likes people who swear or use vulgar language all the time, especially women. These are some of things you should absolutely avoid on your first date.

Make sure that the conversation remains positive and up-beat. As a result, she will be able to see the good things about you.

Give Her Sincere Compliments

As we all know, compliments will get you where you need to be. Everyone woman loves to get them.  However, they must be simple and sincere.

For instance, “You have beautiful eyes” is a much better option than “Damn! You’re hot!”

Show Her Your Fun Side

The process of knowing each other should be fun and easy. Come up with various activities that allow you to know each other better without any added pressure.

If she feels comfortable around you, she will definitely open up more.

Flirt With Her

Women absolutely love flatteries. You can ask her questions, encourage her or joke with her.  The main point is to be flirtatious.

Make the conversation a bit more interesting by steering clear of generic questions. This will definitely leave a lasting impression.

Touch Her

If your date is going well and you are in a comfortable setting, you can lightly touch her. This may be on her arm or on the tips of her fingers.

You can rest assured that this simple act will not go unnoticed. It will also give you some idea of how comfortable she is with these kinds of gestures.

If she doesn’t pull away, you should take it as a good sign that things are going well.

If she pulls away, back off.  She may not be into you, or she may simply be undecided.

Are You Always Attracted To The Wrong Men? Here’s How To Stop Getting Hooked On Mr. Trouble


You are probably familiar with the famous quote by Albert Einstein:

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result.”

The same is true regarding relationships. We live in a time where many women are attracted to potential partners, although deep inside every one of them knows that he is not the right guy for her.

You have probably had the same experience.

You laid your eyes on that sexy guy at the counter and you were mesmerized to find out that he drives a Porsche 901. This was unfortunately a disaster, just like many other relationships you had before.

You might wonder why you give 6 precious months of your life to this person who never loved or cared about you. Well, the naked truth is that even though you didn’t choose it, you still agreed to it.

You may think most men out there are drug addicts, have problems with pornography, or fall into the category of abusive men. It seems that only nerdy and goofy men are able to show some respect. Fortunately, that’s not true.

There are many good looking men who are eager to enter in a relationship with you and love you. You just need to know how and where to find these precious men.

Are You Really Attracted To Him?

This is what you need to know before letting yourself  get “hooked” by the wrong guy:

1. Agree not to date other people

You need someone who cares about your feelings and loves you with all his heart. Before starting out with a guy you feel attracted to, discuss with him about dating other people.

You don’t want an open relationship, but you want to ensure he will never want to cheat on you.  Make your expectations and agreements clear from the start.

2. Deal with the issue

It’s never too late to solve this problem. In case your man has already cheated on you because you haven’t established the boundaries, you still have the option of “redeeming him”.

3. Do not let yourself become addicted

You want a man, but you don’t want to be addicted to him. Your emotional addiction might destroy you from the inside, especially if you already have strong feelings for your man.

4. Think about your decisions

Remember, you are the one who takes the decision to accept a guy. No one forces you to choose a certain man. You do have control over your decision.

5. Find the reason

Finally, ask yourself why do you accept and are attracted to the wrong men? Is it your lack of self- esteem? Your previous relationships? Maybe your own communication issues?

Regardless of the reason, try to pinpoint it and eliminate it out of your life.

Getting A Girl To Date You – The Struggles Of Love


Ah…the struggles of love. Everyone has – at least once in their lifetime – struggled with their love life. Especially when it comes to getting your crush to like you back enough to actually date you.

Everyone has felt like the most undesirable person to exist in the world when the person they like does not even bother looking at them. It is natural, even more so for men. But that does not mean it is totally helpless. Getting a girl to date you can be tough but not impossible – if one knows how to strategize.  For step-by-step guidance see this GFAS review.

Contrary to popular belief, being a jerk does NOT work. Maybe it will snag the girl’s attention but 9/10 times that relationship will not succeed. It is based on a lie and no matter how much you convince yourself all’s fair in love and war, it still makes you an immature person.

To get a girl to date you, you have to be yourself, you have to make her like who you are rather than who she wants you to be. Let’s plan out a strategy for you in steps to help you get that girl you have been thinking about all day (if a woman is reading this, no, OF COURSE, we are not that emotional pffht…really).

Step 1: This is more of a warning, more of a don’t than a do. Do NOT stalk her no matter how much you want to. Seriously, we don’t know how they manage to look all sweet and romantic in movies but it does not work in real life. You will probably end up creeping her out.
Getting that out of the way, we get to

Step 2: Friends of friends. You might have heard many couples tell people how they met their partner through mutual friends. Yep, that works like a charm. It is the best way to get a girl to know that you exist anyway.

Step 3: Be nice and sweet but keep it moderate – again, you may have heard that girls like jerks but mature girls know better. If you doubt that they like sweet guys, just check that statistics of how many women adore chick flicks and you’ll get the idea that they DO like sweet guy. But not overly sweet, they want an understanding man, not cavities.

Step 4: This might just be the most important step depending on the kind of guy you are. Let me put it subtly…TAKE CARE OF YOUR HYGIENE.

Girls do not like messy guys (unless the messy is the kind of good messy, and we’re not getting into that confusion) – keep yourself clean and make sure you smell nice, girls eat (smell?) that up.

Step 5: Be friends first, date later. Be a good friend to her but keep a distance, so that you don’t get into the friend zone. Make her laugh, pay attention to her, but do not be around all the time or available all the time, either. Then, when you feel like the time is right, find a suitable (preferably sweet) way to ask her out. If she isn’t insane, chances are she will accept it.

Good luck, misters!